Budgeting Your New Home's Landscaping

Budgeting Your New Home's Landscaping

Budgeting Your New Home's Landscaping

30 January 2020
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Budgeting for the landscaping at your new home can be a bit daunting. After spending money on your home and the finishes inside you realize you still have to cover your landscaping! Here are two items you will want to budget for. You can plan your landscaping and be careful with your choices so you don't break the bank:

Price Fencing Materials and Method

You will want to find out if your neighborhood has specific regulations when it comes to fencing. Some neighborhoods will have a specific type of fencing material that they allow to keep the neighborhood looking consistent and nice. Go to your local hardware stores and see what fencing material options they have. You will find options for wood and PVC fencing and be able to see the price difference between the two. Map out your plot lines to know the length of fencing you will need to close in your entire property in the back yard. You want to be very specific with these measurements and consider going to city planning office to double-check the location of the property lines. You won't want to have a costly dispute over these boundaries with a neighbor year down the road. There are two ways to have your fencing installed because you can do it yourself or hire a fence contractor. Fencing is a hard task because of the deep posts that need to be dug and cemented down. You will save yourself a lot of tool rental fees and time by hiring the job out. 

Sod and Lawn

The backyard grass can be one of the more costly things for the landscaping budget. You will want to know the square footage of the outdoor area you plan to turn into a lawn. With those measurements, you can see how much it costs to seed your yard yourself or with a professional seed company that does it for you. Sod is another popular option but is much more expensive than laying seeds. The grass is grown at sod farms and cut into long strips that you lay as a transplant to your dirt in the yard. You want to have grass that will be beautiful for years to come so do your research and see what method can fit your budget.

Your home will feel complete once the landscaping is in. Think about how your family plans to use the space and dedicate budgeting funds accordingly. Find fence contractors and lawn specialists today to get this yard installation going!

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